Tech, Day 1

I’ve decided, since I’m to be here for 32.5 hours out of the next 60, that I will try something different for the blog. Live updates.* For the next three or four rehearsals, I’ll be keeping notes and a running commentary of our Tech rehearsals, and posting as often as I can.** So, here goes:

12:00pm Board Megabus at Chicago’s Union Station

1:35pm Arrive Milwaukee Amtrak station.

2:00pm Arrrive Broadway Theatre Center, greeted by Managing Director Carrie Van Hallgren and Production Manager Jessica Berlin. They tell me to proceed directly to my dressing room on the fifth floor. Because the cast of this show is so huge, we’ve taken over a couple of the rehearsal halls operated by Milwaukee Chamber Theater and Renaissance Theater Works and transformed them into dressing rooms. All the guys are in this one. I have no idea where the girls are yet.

2:07pm Go to wig fitting, (a little early.) It’s a good wig — I’ve worked with Dave Bova, the wig guy, on a couple of shows, and he’s a joy. This particular wig (for my role as the sheriff) is the same wig they put on Michael Gotch for Richard II, when I played Bolingbroke, so I’m familiar with it. Dave and costume designer Jen Moeller take me through how to style it, and…

2:18pm Finish wig fitting.

2:20pm Wait for 3:00 start. Back in a bit.



* WIFI Permitting

** ibid.


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