Friday Night Fish Fry

So, after a little too long, I finally have my hands on some pictures from an outing we took a couple of weeks ago. Members of the cast, crew, and staff, and some friends went to the Lakefront Brewery for a traditional Friday Night Fish Fry (and brewery tour). This was, as you can imagine, a good time. It was a Friday during Lent, so it was a little insane there, like four deep to the bar insane, but after we were seated and laughing and eating and drinking, all was well. The band played us a song (for some reason it was New York, New York (?)), Tiersa ordered something waaaayyy too ridiculous to be explained here,* and we generally had a brilliant time.  And it got even better on the tour.

(Click the titles below for pictures**)

Andy gets excited


All of us.


*Okay, twist my arm.  She ordered a veggie burger and a glass of wine.  For the fish fry. At a brewery.  Seriously.

**I’m having trouble with the blogging software creating thumbnails, so sorry you have to click through on the pictures like that.  Creates some suspense though, doesn’t it?


1 Response to “Friday Night Fish Fry”

  1. 1 tiersa
    April 25, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    Matt — to be fair, at the other table 3 out of 5 people ordered EXACTLY the same thing I did!! Ask Courtney and Heather and I think, Kristin. In any case, you did fail to mention that you spilled said wine all over my burger and my bun was soaked with wine!!! Guess that is the perk of writing the blog — you can leave little details like that out!

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