When you start to get into doing run-throughs, things get a bit tricky. I’d say that the number one misconception about acting is that the hardest thing is learning all the lines. And someday I’ll get into why, but learning the lines is one of the easiest things. Now that’s not to say that at this point in the game the lines are coming out smooth as silk, because, um, nope. But here’s an interesting thing: often, when the best stuff is happening in rehearsal — good connections are being made, thinking on the line, making clear points in the moment, etc. — the lines go right out the window. Something happens where your brain and tongue and heart are all working–hard–but not together. So we get a week or two to get in sync before we open, and here we are. Right in the middle of it.

We’ve been running things now for a couple of days; We had a full run-through on Tuesday* and a run of the second half tonight. It’s always nice to see how things fit together, but there can be trouble — there’s plenty still to learn about the play and the relationships between characters. We’re cutting sections of text left and right to streamline. Moments that seemed perfect two weeks ago are looking stale and fake now. Plus, let’s say your hand is bandaged after a dog accident, or you’ve eaten a Wendy’s hamburger way too fast, or you’re unreasonably angry at the weather. Any of these things will find their way into your performance. For better or for worse.

All this to say that last night, I had a pretty good run. Tonight… well, tonight required a drink or two.



* Do not ask how long it was. Seriously.


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