Three Words

The weekend has been chock full of combat. There are all manner of fighting sequences in the show, from quick little two-phrase bursts, to long battles punctuated by Shakespeare’s text. At some times all the rebel forces meet all the royal forces on the field, at some times it’s one-on-one — sword to sword. I have quite a bit of fighting, but not as much as some. I get a couple of good moves (the previously mentioned Mort Schlag being one) and, as I had surmised from the beginning, I’m having a blast. That said, I am realizing that the reason my hair is falling out is not so much because God hates me, rather, because I am old. Hence, I hurt.

As Brian Gill suggested after we choreographed the last sequence and came together after reviewing the entire battle, top to bottom, what I need is simple: “Epsom Salt Bath.”


1 Response to “Three Words”

  1. 1 hsm24
    April 12, 2007 at 3:41 am

    All right, I admit it – I do not understand blogs or blogging, therefore I have not until now considered logging in or commenting. I am uneasy about getting in over my head. (What the heck is a trackback, anyway?) However, your good deed should not go unpunished, as it were, so now you get to read my comments on your blog.

    THANKS! I am really enjoying reading all of your posts. I wait a few days and then read a few at a time, and I always learn something and get a smile and take away something to ponder from your writing.

    So, yes, Virginia, there are people out there reading your blog.

    And, yes, Epsom Salts will make you feel much better. It’s good for you.

    And be careful out there — all of you. I don’t hold much with superstition, but I do think that extra care needs to be taken when accidents start to happen. (And, selfishly, I want to see this cast do this production! Don’t mess it up now!)
    Keep writing!

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